SlumKings and Queens Film Workshops in Dharavi

Mumbai - Indian boom town and center of Bollywood, the biggest movie industry worldwide.
Unfortunately Dharavi residents do not benefit from it. Instead film teams arrive from time to time and simply take pictures of their homes to show the world … but what about the people who live in these homes, what of their stories?

We want to hear and tell these stories, and we want to give something back! While we conducted our film research, the young residents of Dharavi have repeatedly exhibited an interest to use the film medium as a platform as a voice for themselves. So we decided to not only let them speak up but also to teach them how to use the technology.

In workshops the youth and young adults are going to learn the basic knowledge of filmmaking including cinematography, light and sound as well as the handling of cameras and audio technology. This will be followed up by their own movie project, which can be anything from a documentary to staged scenes, all according to the participants’ ideas…finally giving us insight into the real Dharavi. Our aim
We want to contribute to the empowerment of the slum residents. They will receive certified qualifications in dealing with the film and audio technology. They will also gain new perspectives in addition to a certificate as proof of their new skills. To guarantee a level of sustainability we plan to train one of the participants to the extent that he or she is capable of training others, and to supervise a video blog that will evolve from the project.

We’d like to start in Winter 2013/14. Duration will 2 to 3 month.